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June 7th-11th 2025 Simple, Soulful, Mystical Mindfulness in Italy

Discover Soul Travel: A Simple and Soulful Retreat Experience in Umbria Italy

Have you ever dreamt of a journey that transcends the ordinary? Welcome to the world of Soul Travel. Immerse yourself in an exclusive retreat nestled within the pristine wilderness of Umbria, where simple luxury meets soulful rejuvenation.

Indulge in a bespoke experience meticulously designed to guide you back to your authentic self, to rediscover the essence of who you truly are. Amidst the tranquil beauty of Umbria, find alignment with profound inner peace and the whispers of your intuition. Escape the noise of everyday life as you embrace the serenity of nature, engaging in mindful and transformative practices. Here, amidst the ancient trees and gentle breezes, you'll reconnect with what truly matters, unlocking a deeper understanding of yourself, your past, and your path forward.

Join us in cultivating a sanctuary for your soul, a haven where inner wisdom blossoms and tranquility reigns. Our curated mystical mindfulness activities and practices are tailored to help you rediscover the magic surrounding us, awakening your inner wisdom.

Embark on this luxurious journey with us and embrace the magic that lies within and all around you. Awaken your soul's wisdom in the heart of Umbria's enchanting wilderness. Indulge in the ultimate luxury of self-discovery, and inner peace. Embrace the simple, the soulful, and joyful.



It is a unique place, a secular hermitage where you can spend a relaxing and regenerating time, away from the noises of everyday life, in majestic isolation in front of the Unesco Biosphere Reserve.  A Conde Nast Traveler Gold LIst property for 2020, this location offers unparalleled luxury and rustic simplicity, nestled in the Umbrian valley, among acres of trees.   Here one can enjoy the new luxury of the Third Millennium, the marriage of ecology and spirituality.  

A place close to hermitages of the fourteenth century, which today has retrieved its authentic original splendor thus becoming a place where one can regenerate oneself finding again the priorities of life that may be lost in day-to-day living. Join us in this digital detox and revel in a time where simplicity and honoring the rhythms of nature, were part of everyday living.

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