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(Men's Retreat) Journey Beyond Limits, Playa Del Carmen Mexico, April 19-24

Full Moon Men's Plant Medicine Retreat: Journey Beyond Limits. Are you a man standing at a crossroads in life, contemplating a shift in your career or a change in your relationships, and seeking clarity at this place in the road? Are you ready to really own the next chapter in your life, yet uncertain about the exact steps to take? If so, our exclusive men's retreat is tailor-made for you. Experience a supported deep dive into your inner wisdom with a skillfully supported psilocybin experience. Journey into your wisdom in a Temescal ceremony , test and strengthen your resilience and mental strength with daily ice baths. Rediscover your path, rebalance your perspective and reclaim your authentic power.

Plant medicine, specifically psilocybin, has the power to guide you towards greater clarity, unlocking deep inner wisdom and intuition that often remains concealed in our everyday conscious states. Join our sacred circle of like-minded men to visualize your path, gaining the clarity you seek, connecting with your personal power, and living a life aligned.

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