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Sea Bay

Mindfulness Coaching 
Learn to Cultivate Calm

The Mindfulness Journey: Empowerment and Transformation Through Connecting with Your Inner Wisdom 

Soulful Science: Mystical Mindfulness & PsychoSpiritual Healing 

Mystical Mindfulness is a unique and transformative approach to cultivating present-moment awareness that integrates principles from shamanic journeying, guided imagery, and dreamwork. Rooted in ancient spiritual practices and contemporary therapeutic modalities, mystical mindfulness seeks to expand one's consciousness and deepen their connection with the inner self, the natural world, and the unseen realms.

Dreamwork is woven into the fabric of mystical mindfulness, acknowledging the profound wisdom embedded in dreams. Dreams offer a gateway to the subconscious mind and a source of guidance for navigating the waking world.

Mystical mindfulness encourages individuals to embrace a holistic understanding of mindfulness that transcends the boundaries of traditional practices. It fosters a sense of interconnectedness with the spiritual dimensions, encouraging self-discovery, personal growth, and a deeper attunement to the mysteries of existence. Through the synthesis of shamanic journeying, guided imagery, and dreamwork, mystical mindfulness offers a profound and enriching journey into the depths of consciousness, promoting a harmonious balance between the inner and outer realms of experience.

Specialized support for women with cancer and mothers grieving children


So many women are interested in the health and wellness benefits of mindfulness, but they don't know how to begin or how to develop a mindfulness practice. Heather Lee has training from the Harvard Mind/Body Medical Institute and has extensive knowledge in the art and science of mind/body wellness. Our coaching programs give you the personal and professional guidance you need to create a mindful practice while having lots of personal support and coaching. Learn how to establish a personalized protocol, how to deepen your mindfulness, how to enhance your intuition, and access inner wisdom. Mindfulness can be very helpful in reducing anxiety, enhancing creativity, balancing moods and emotions, and enhancing mindfulness.

6 Week Program = $1,180

Three Month Program = $2,300

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