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Psychedelic Integration  & Therapy

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Integration is the vital post-journey path of mindful processing that helps us digest and contextualize the experiences of non-ordinary reality and the psychedelic experience. By integrating the psychedelic experience into one’s ordinary life, sense of self, understanding of the world, and one’s place in it, we’re able to rewire our consciousness around challenges. This gives us the starting point we need to begin healing.

Psychedelics to give you a neural “reset”  but without intentional integration, it is easy to fall back into the same old patterns of thoughts, behaviors and beliefs known as your default mode network. During the period of time following a psychedelic journey your brain is still primed for neuroplasticity, creating new pathways, and literally rewiring your brain


Psychedelic integration can help you develop a higher tolerance for ambiguity and uncertainty, increase self-compassion, and face the past without becoming overwhelmed with it.

Private Remote Coaching Sessions


Intention, Prep, Integration & Coaching

6 1hr sessions

= $1,180

3 month Coaching

= $2,300

Please feel free to call me for a free 15 minute consultation

+1 303 704-2446

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