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Oct. 15-20 Punta Islita Costa Rica "The Women's Wisdom Awakening Retreat. A Jungle Journey to knowing"


It is our distinct pleasure to invite you to join us on this unique women's plant medicine journey as it is documented capturing the insiders' view of a women's wellness and psilocybin retreat. Think Nine Perfect Strangers but facilitated by highly skilled and certified women's psilocybin therapists. This amazing retreat combines nature immersion with the power of indigenous plant medicine for a deeply meaningful and transformative experience. This one-of-a-kind "Transcendental Travel" experience sits at the intersection of luxury ecotourism, psychedelic wellness, and mystical mindfulness. Be a part of this novel and exciting transcendental and transformational mind/body/spirit travel experience and documentary.

Our incredible retreat takes place in the one of the world's 5 blue zone locations,  the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. 

This is your invitation to journey beyond the ordinary, to a place and space where you don't merely observe nature but become an integral and interwoven part of it. This retreat places an emphasis on deepening your connection to nature, yourself, and other women who feel the call to a deeper awakening and an ancestral connection to ancient wisdom and ways of knowing. It is time for women to reclaim the power of deep psycho-spiritual wisdom. As we awaken, heal and reconnect to nature, we help humanity awaken and heal. Please join us and be a part of the great awakening.

It's time to reignite the deep emotional and spiritual power of awe. Our incredible, awe-inspiring location is held between the jungle and the ocean and offers an unmatched opportunity to awaken to your inner wisdom in one of the most biodiverse areas of the world. 

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