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June 12-15th Evergreen Colorado "Release, Rebalance, Rebuild. A Psilocybin Self Discovery Retreat"

Updated: Feb 3

 This retreat  is designed exclusively to support and empower women who are reclaiming their relationship with themselves as they release or reconsider their current relationship. Designed by women and for women, this retreat explores the soul and science of plant medicine for connecting with inner wisdom and intuition. Join us for a truly unique and transformative experience. This is a safe and soulful experience facilitated by two of the country's leading certified Psycheelic Assisted Psychotherapists. Heather and Monica's pioneering work with women and plant medicine has been featured by Lisa Ling , CBS and the Drew Barrymore Show. 

This safe space for women is dedicated to forging new beginnings through shared experiences, connections, and mutual support. Our focus centers on empowerment, self-love, and the transformative journey each participant is poised to embark upon.

This transformative retreat is designed to rebalance our relationship with ourselves as we transition from a relationship and return to our center to manifest the life and relationships we desire. This consciously curated retreat, set in the scenic and soulful setting of Evergreen CO, offers the perfect environment for  this experience. We invite you to release the past, reclaim your power, and rebuild a sence of inner calm and clarity.

If you have been curious about psychedelics you will have the option on this retreat to be supported in your personal and legal use of natural medicine with our guidance and support.  All the elements of this retreat have been thoughtfully designed to bring you back into a state of peaceful balance and mind/body/spirit alignment. Enjoy our magical setting which includes amazing views and hikes, private dinner parties, and a Goddess Moon celebration among the Red Rocks of Colorado.  Plant medicine creates new paths and patterns in your brain that enhance your resilience, optimism, and ability to have a more balanced and peaceful perspective.

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