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May 29- June 2nd Southwest Rewilding and Reawakening Women's Wisdom Retreat

Updated: Mar 5

Women Rewilding, Reawakening and Rediscovering Your Soul Connection, in the Stunning Southwest. 

It is time to reawaken your inner wisdom and rewild your soul. Join us in the great women's awakening! We invite you to come and connect deeply with nature, and your true nature, joining a sacred sisterhood of women reclaiming their power of intuition through plant medicine and mystical mindfulness.  This is the call to you and your adventurous spirit, come explore the transformative power of psychedelics on a safe, soulful, and fully supported journey to your innate inner wisdom.

Our retreat is set in the stunning expanse of the Desert Southwest, renowned as sacred and spiritual land. This beautiful retreat is led by Heather and Monica, two of the nation's first certified psychedelic-assisted psychotherapists. Heather and Monica are pioneers in designing and delivering safe and soulful plant medicine retreats exclusively for women. Their retreats have been featured by Lisa Ling and CBS News and the Drew Barrymore Show.

This retreat is an invitation to embark on a profound journey, delving deeper into the exploration of your psyche and soul to reclaim your passion and path in life together we will share in the time-honored ritual of gathering around the fire with like-minded women, creating a space for conscious connection and conversations. 

Designed to rebalance our relationship with ourselves, our souls, and the natural world, this retreat acknowledges that optimal wellness is achieved through the harmony of body, mind, and spirit. Our consciously curated program, set in the scenic and soulful backdrop of the desert Southwest, provides the ideal environment for a safe and soulful psychedelic experience

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